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Project Description
Game developed for the XNA Dream Build Play 2008 competition.

I as a basic kids memory game aim at ages 4 and up
This game was written for my 4 year old daughter who enjoys games on the Wii but finds very few games that suite her age on the Xbox.

BrainWare is a memory based puzzle game aimed at young children.
The goal is simple, the user must remember a sequence of numbers called out, then select the number that was not called out by pressing the relevant button.
A point is earned for every correct answer, an extra point is earned for every subsequently correct answer until an incorrect answer is given. 2 points are deducted for an incorrect. The game runs for 150 seconds after which the user is shown there score.

I would like to my wife Debbie for her support, my daughter Sophie for the voice work and Paul Mckenna for his invaluable help and advice without which this would not have been possible.

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